Three Barbecue Fuel Sources To Consider

One of the best things about moving from an apartment to your first home is being able to cook outdoors with a barbecue. Barbecue use is prohibited at many apartments, but you'll feel free to cook in this manner as often as you want when you have your own yard. Your first step will be to visit a local barbecue supply store and buy a grill that offers the size and features you want. One thing to think about as you shop is what fuel source you want your barbecue to have. Here are three popular options. 

Natural Gas

A lot of people use barbecues that run on natural gas. If your new home has a natural gas supply, this type of grill can be an option for you. At many of these homes, there's a natural gas hookup on the patio or deck. You simply position your barbecue near the hookup and then connect it with a hose. If there's no natural gas hookup but you have natural gas in your home, you can hire a contractor to install a hookup for you. The biggest advantage of natural gas is that you have an unlimited supply, so you'll never need to worry about running out of fuel.


Another popular option is to buy a propane-powered barbecue. This type of barbecue runs off a tank that you can buy at a local home supply store, gas station, or even supermarket. A propane barbecue is more portable than a natural gas one because the former isn't connected to your house with a hose. For example, if you want to wheel the barbecue over to your swimming pool deck or set it up in the driveway during a get-together with neighbors, you can easily do so. The one drawback to propane is that you'll occasionally run out. Some people favor having a backup tank on hand for convenience.


You'll also see charcoal grills at your local barbecue supply store. A lot of people enjoy cooking over charcoal because it gives the food a unique flavor that you can't achieve with gas or propane. Charcoal is a good choice for those who are patient. Whereas a gas or propane barbecue gets up to temperature very quickly, it takes a bit of time to get the charcoal lit. Small charcoal grills are highly portable, making them fun to take when you go camping or tailgating at a sporting event.

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