Own A Restaurant? 4 Signs Your Refrigeration Case Needs New Parts

If you own a restaurant, food safety is an essential part of your business. After all, if your food has spoiled, you run the risk of contamination, which can make your customers sick. Not only that, but contaminated food can shut down your restaurant, especially if the health department discovers the problem before you have a chance to fix your refrigeration unit. If your refrigeration unit is in need of new parts, it's essential that you take care of the repairs as quickly as possible. Here are four signs that will help you identify the need for new parts. 

1. Visible Frost Accumulation

If your refrigeration case is working properly, you shouldn't see any frost inside or outside of the unit. The accumulation of frost is a good sign that some of the parts on your refrigeration case aren't doing their job correctly. As soon as you begin to see the accumulation of frost on your refrigeration unit, identify the parts you need and have the necessary repairs completed. 

2. Damage to Your Refrigeration Doors

If the doors on your refrigeration case aren't in good condition, your food isn't going to stay as cold as you need it to. That's because damage interferes with your door's ability to maintain a secure seal. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of food spoilage is to inspect your refrigeration case doors on a weekly basis. Pay close attention to the locking mechanism and the rubber gasket seal around the door. If you notice any type of damage, ensure that new parts are installed as quickly as possible. 

3. Issues With Temperature Fluctuations

To ensure quality food and prevent spoilage, your refrigeration case should maintain a consistent temperature at all times. Deviations in the temperature within your refrigeration case can cause serious problems for your restaurant. If you're not checking the temperature inside your refrigeration case on a daily basis, you should be. Daily temperature checks can help you identify fluctuations as quickly as possible. If you discover fluctuations in your refrigeration case temperatures, it may be time to replace the thermostat inside the unit. 

4. Water Leaks in or Around the Display Case

If you notice puddles of water, either inside or outside of your refrigeration case, there's a good chance that you need new parts installed. There are several factors that can cause puddles to develop, including problems with the drain system. If you've discovered puddles in or around your refrigeration case, have the refrigeration display case parts replaced immediately.