3 Signs Of Problems With Your Commercial Floral Cooler

Even though anyone outside of the industry assumes that the coolers and refrigeration units florists use are the same as any other commercial cooler, these units are actually quite unique. Flowers need a precise environment to stay fresh; they need indirect airflow and higher humidity levels than usual, both of which can be provided by a commercial floral cooler. If you have invested in one of these impressive coolers for your flower business, you must be attentive to any slight issues as soon as they become apparent so you can seek the proper repairs. Here is a look at some of the problems you could have with your commercial floral cooler. 

1. You are noticing splatters of moisture on your flowers

Yes, the interior of a flower cooler should be humid, but it should not be so humid that your flowers are getting drenched while they are inside. Flower coolers are designed to release moisture via a super-fine mist that is barely visible to the naked eye. If the flowers are getting splattered with water, it is usually a sign that this humidity-inducing system is having problems. In a lot of situations, the vents over the cold-steam distribution panel will need a good cleaning. 

2. A rush of cool air greets you when you open the cooler doors

Flowers need indirect cooling because if the cool air is blowing directly on them, they can weaken and lose valuable moisture. If you are feeling a rush of cool air when you open the doors, it means the fans inside are running at speeds higher than they should be, and your flowers could pay the price. This issue can come from ailing fans or a fan control module that is getting ready to fail. 

3. Flower quality is dropping faster than normal

One of the most likely things you will notice if there are problems with your commercial flower cooler is that the quality of your flowers is being impacted. With the right environment, fresh flowers can easily stay strong and perfect for several days. If you are pulling out fresh bouquets that are falling apart after only a short stint in the cooler, it could be a sign that something about the interior environment is off. For example, the temperature may be too high, or the humidity levels may be too low. 

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