Tips To Help Choose The Right Electric Range For Your Kitchen

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your plans to buy a new electric range for your kitchen? There are so many features to consider as you select the range that you'll cook on for the next several years. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you choose the unit that will serve your needs best while making it as easy as possible to keep up with the cleaning.

Range Top

When choosing an electric range, you'll have to decide between the traditional coil-type heating elements or a smooth ceramic surface. Many people who have made the change to ceramic cooking surfaces haven't gone back to the coil-style burners. This is because there is no longer a need to battle to keep the stovetop clean. Unlike the coil-style burners, you won't have any drip trays to clean, and you won't have to lift the range top to clean the dirt, grease, and debris out from under it.

All you'll need to do to keep the ceramic-top range clean is a sponge, liquid dish soap and a polishing product that protects the top. Once the top is cool, wipe it with a soapy sponge, dry it and then go over it once with the ceramic cook-top product – done. It'll take minutes to do what would have taken you an hour.

Single or Double Oven

One feature that either will work well for your family or won't is the double-oven feature. The double oven makes it possible to bake at different temperatures at the same time. It also makes it much more efficient to heat up smaller dinners for the family. Instead of having to heat an entire full-size oven to slide a baking sheet with a pizza in it, you'll just heat the smaller section. It's faster and requires much less electricity to get the job done.

Smart Technology

Today, you also have the option of upgrading to the latest appliances that include smart technology. These units connect to your home's WiFi signal and can follow commands as you give them. With accessories, you can use just your voice to turn on your oven, turn down the stove and turn it all off when your meal is done cooking. Just remember, the more bells and whistles an appliance has, the more there is that can go wrong — be prepared for repairs by investing in an upgraded warranty.

Talk with the professionals at your local appliance store to learn more about the available electric ranges for your home kitchen.